Biodegradable Blanket


The anti-erosion biodegradable blanket are coconut fibers sewn together to form a resistant web protected by 1 or 2 polypropylene nets, which can be used in revegetation processes through hydroseeding, preventing wind and rain erosion.

Why use coconut fiber Biodegradable Blanket?

Anti-erosive Biodegradable blanket is manufactured industrially from vegetable fibers, and the coconut fiber Biodegradable blanket has the best results in terms of cost, response time and biodegradability. The fibers are sewn together to form a durable web and protected by polypropylene or jute nets, which allows a sufficient shelf life for several cycles of germination. Our Biodegradable blanket and Biodegradable roll are manufactured industrially from coconut vegetable fibers that have the best results in terms of cost, response time (germination), and biodegradability. We are in the municipality of Conde, on the North Coast of Bahia, the largest coconut producing region in Brazil. We have a vertical chain; our farms and the processing industry of the coconut derivatives allow us to offer and develop products with the highest quality standard and best cost x benefit of the market.

Main Advantages

  • Degradable material;
  • Source of nutrients, serving as organic matter for the soil;
  • It avoids direct sunlight on the soil, conserving more moisture;
  • Quick and easy application;
  • Prevents runoff of the inputs applied under the anti-erosive Biodegradable blanket;
  • It prevents the superficial runoff of water, avoiding the formation of erosive processes;
  • It favors the infiltration of water in the soil;
  • Allows planting during the dry season;
  • Improves the visual appearance of degraded areas.

Technical Specifications

Coconut fiber Biodegradable roll - 300g / m² - with 1 medium polypropylene mesh (code 300-1TM)
Composition 100% coconut fiber
Length (m) 20.83
Width 1,20 or 2,40